How to use the Autopay service (Sunway Pyramid)

I guess this will probably have a series of similar tutorial but on different machine, (most of the hypermarket uses different/thier own machines).

Here you'll have a valid ticket, and you'll only need to pay before exitting the area, because the amount of charges will be counted by hours.

Weekdays : RM1 per hour / Max RM4
Weekend : RM3 per hour / Max RM6

Almost at every exit to carpark of the shopping centre you'll find this machine. Look for one, spotted usually nearby the carpark's lift.

With the labels on top, insert the ticket.

Insert coins or money notes onto the machine, remember to align the notes on the very very left of the slot, else, you'll probably face trouble paying. Don't ask why, a bug from the maker of this machine.

Look at thedisplay for the paid amount and return you'll gonna get, and if you need a receipt, press on the highlighted button.

And also look out for your change, remember to take it.

Before leaving the place, remember to take your ticket as well.