How to pay for your parking? (Classic)

Let's say you parked your car around the city and you noticed there's a need for you avoid from being summoned for not paying the parking fee.

You'll probably see something like this.

When you're near by it, you'll see on the display indicating '00:00' which means the duration of the allowed parking time has been reset to zero. You will need to pay to increase the duration.

And there will also be indication on what/how much coin you'll have to insert to pay for the minimum amount.

Insert the desire amount of coin on the slot. Written here are in Bahasa Melayu "Masukkan Syling" means, please insert your coins here.

Upon successful transaction, you'll see on the display indication how much time left, by HH:MM unit. And there's also a note says the maximum amount of time that you can insert per session is 3 hour. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “How to pay for your parking? (Classic)

  1. elvie

    ey..where can u see this kinda super classic thingy.. muz be antique ediz.. LoLx… funny blog ^_^

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