How to clean your ear?

I'm not sure how many of us does this regularly or even aware that there is a tool for us to clean our ear except from washing it from the outside when we bath?

You can get this from almost everywhere, easily spotted at hypermarkets or pasar malams.

Note the end that looked like a spoon, yes, it's for digging. For Chinese, they call it "Digging gold".

Here's how you hold it. with the spoonfacing on your side, but it really depends when you're digging it.

Find an ear,and yes, your OWN ear, unless you are very sure and have permission from the other person, do not simply dig other people's ear!

And before inserting the ear-digger(sorry i have no idea what it's called), please make sure you're not drunk or you'll end up poking your ear and filled it with blood and gores. So do it sparingly and carefully.

no no no, this is the dirt or stain that accumulated inside our ear, and it varies to different people, and to make sure you didn't hurt your ear, do not poke until too deep into it. If you need assistance, look for one. Take care.

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