How to wash cloth

This is a crucial part in our life we believe, unless you're lucky enough to have maid to do it for you. Here it's a way of washing your cloth using the most ancient washing machine (applicable to most modern washing machine as well).

So you have a bunch of smelly clothes waiting to be washed by you.

wash (1).JPG
Waste no time and we'll put it inside the washing machine for a go.

wash (2).JPGwash (3).JPGwash (4).JPG
Switch on the power, turn up the water supply, and do some necessary setting before moving on.

wash (5).JPGwash (6).JPG
For this ancient washing machine, i'd have one at home. Instead of pressing on digital switches or button, you'll have to 'pull' the plug to make it start to run. *pok*

wash (7).JPG
Make sure you turned the dial to the desired mode before switching it to run.

wash (8).JPG
If everything's done correctly, at this phase you'll have water pouring into the washing machine.wash (9).JPGwash (10).JPGwash (11).JPG
You can start to put in all of your clothes and pants. Notice that you'll probably need to turn all of your apparels 'inside-out', to make sure that the washing machine washes the 'inside' clean. Because you'd wear it inside right?

wash (12).JPG
One worthy note, try not to overload your washing machine with too many clothes or pants.

wash (13).JPG
Next, we'll find the suitable detergent (most of other chooses to use washing powder at this stage, which is really optional).

wash (14).JPGwash (15).JPG
Open up the cap, which usually we have different brands, one of the popular one are 'Dynamo' but it's expensive. Start pouring in the needed amount of detergent, usually half cup or quarter or the cup is sufficient.

wash (16).JPGwash (17).JPG
Once you've determined the amount of liquid you need, pour it inside.

wash (18).JPG
Now, sit down, relax and wait it to be washed.


11 thoughts on “How to wash cloth

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  2. ManMeng Post author

    I think probably not, but it’s best you have the cloth inside before the water is filled up because as for this old washing machine, the machine will start spinning when the water is full, so well, i would then suggest you to have it ….

    1. Clothes inside
    2. Let waters flow in
    3. put in detergens/soaps

  3. marc


    my dad use to wash underwear and rugs together in washing machine is that fine? he said its alright bec. washing machine cleans evrything,, and he also put the pot holder together with underwear and rugs,,


  4. ManMeng Post author

    Regards there,

    I wouldn’t think there is any problem for including both of the undergarment and rugs together inside the washing machine, and pot holder as well. But do keep in mind most of the washing machine has a capacity limit of how much you can fit inside, try not to put too much of clothes and exceed the limit, else you might increase the probability to spoil the washing machien.

    So far, the only precautios measure i took is try not to put in clothes that has colours that will fade away and resulting in the colours blended with my other cloth. eg. white/bright colour clothes. I don’t want that to happen.

  5. phillip

    i was wondering if im washing a load of whites do i put it on hot cold, or warm warm? my washer is kinda of old school.


  6. ManMeng Post author

    hi there,

    i’m not too sure with the hot cold or warm warm phrase?
    i guess i would stress that if you’re washing your favourite white clothes, or bright coloured ones, NEVER mix it with other coloured shirt because you might risk stain the colours on the white one. and i’m sure you do not want that to happen


  7. zhen


    Most of my shirts is written machine cold wash 30 degrees celsius. However, I used to wash my clothes in a machine machine with a default temperature of 60 degrees celsius, will this do any harm to my clothes? And moreover, can I repair the damages if I have do so? Thanks…

  8. ManMeng Post author

    Regards there,

    I guess that would probably do some harm to your shirts and it might wear of the fabric in it. Though it may sounds ridiculously troublesome, there are different type of shirt are catered to use different type of washing machine, be it cold or dry wash.

    Most of the time the damage might vary from, colour bleaching, fabrics peeling off. Might need to refer to your nearest mender.


  9. Fazal

    Washing underwear with rugs is not recommended unless you are washing at hottest and adding chlorine bleach and washing soda and even then I will be uncomfortable. What many people do not realize is that all the harmful microorganisms are not destroyed by washing since washing is different from sterilization or pasteurization.
    Some of the harmful “germs” in our underpants include yeast(candida) and bacteria ( E. Coli et al ) from infections of urinary tract and bowels not to mention organisms from sexually transmitted diseases. While gonorreah is not transmitted in the laundry it feels ikky having my underpants washing in the same load as one that is so contaminated.
    Rugs and socks harbour large quantities of foot fungus including the very hard to cure nail fungus as well as organisms that cause plantar’s warts.
    Very often medications may cure both athletes foot and yeast infections but improperly laundered clothes can cause frequent reinfection making athletes foot, jock itch and some vaginal yeast chronic.
    Most humans do not have to bother about how they launder clothes except for following washing instructions on the label; but for those who have even the slightest compromise in their immune system, meticulous clothes laundering is essential.

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