How to wear shoe

You have a lot of shoes and you are not sure how to start with, this is a guide to see how you can wear sandals.

Choose from the one you like. (Make sure it's yours!)
wearshoe (1).JPG
An example of how a pair of feet would look like.
wearshoe (2).JPG
Place the pair of sandal in front of your feet.

wearshoe (3).JPG
Step by step, put in one of your feet inside the sandal and make sure it fits properly.
wearshoe (4).JPG
Complete! Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “How to wear shoe

  1. melai

    oh I’m sorry, I thought you’re Filipino cause i saw this topic link in Toe’s site
    sorry again 🙂
    what i want to say is
    it’s really informative
    really really really to the nth power 🙂
    good luck to your site 🙂

  2. Abaniko

    Those are black sandals in your illustrations, right? Question: what about if you have brown sandals/shoes? Please enlighten us. Thanks.

  3. ManMeng Post author

    hi there,

    It’s brown, probably the lighting made it looked darker than it usually is,
    so i guess there will be a new guide on wearing sport shoes 😀

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