How to iron your cloth?

One of the most challenging routine job ever, we all ever left it to our parent, of course, that is for those who is lucky, but sometimes you'll reach a time you will need to learn this basic skill. Ironing your cloth. I've learnt it, so i shared it

You'll need an ample flat space, preferably place where you can move around so you can turn the cloth around for ironing.

iron (1).JPGiron (2).JPG
You'll have to first plug it in. Make sure it positioned correctly, so that you won't burn any fabric or cloth after you switch your ironing unit on.
iron (3).JPG
Almost of every eletronic iron has a 'temperature' setting to see what fabric you're ironin' at. Read your iron's instruction manual for more detailed explaination please.
iron (4).JPG
As you turned the knob around, it will start to heat up the metal plate

iron (5).JPGiron (9).JPG
So when it's ready to use, you'll see the light been lit off. And you have your cloth ready.
iron (14).JPG
And looks like it needs some ironing job to be done.

iron (10).JPGiron (15).JPGiron (12).JPG
Slowly face the metal plate onto the cloth move it either horizontal(up-down) motion or vertical (left-right) motion,so you'll get a rather 'smooth' straight surface formed from the cloth instead lines all over it.
iron (17).JPG
And if you need to even iron the sleeves, normally, you can place it this way and start ironing it, no much worries, just make sure that it's placed properly on a flat surface so you're not ironing on behind of any object, (metal, pencils, etc etc).

iron (7).JPGiron (8).JPG
And if you have some extra feature inside your iron, which you can spray some water with it, which mine looks like this, the hole on the right side lets you fill in some water. Note 'SOME'

iron (11).JPG
And then you can start spraying around the area that needs extra moisture before ironing it.
iron (16).JPG
After 1 -2 minute of ironing process, you can repeat this until you are satisfied, which is normally 2-3round per cloth. I'm sure you don't want to burn your clothes for nothing.
iron (18).JPG
And hang it properly.
iron (19).JPG
Before you're done, make sure the switch's off.
iron (20).JPG
Safety first. Enjoy!


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    I don’t hate ironing but it is monotous, I usually only do it once a week but find a chore I have tried many different irons and accessories but all the boasts of easy iron and creasless clothes it is still a chore.

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