How to make a paper plane?

Sometimes we might even forgot the smallest and easiest thing of all time. Especially back at the times where we had no internet, forums or even blogs, we play everything with our hand and brain. This short tutorial will guide you on how to make one of the most greatest instant-toy, paper plane.

All you need is a piece of blank paper, A4 preferable, but it's workable in almost any size of paper. 

paperplane (1).jpgpaperplane (2).jpgpaperplane (3).jpgpaperplane (4).jpg
First you'll have to fold it into half to make a line in the center.
paperplane (5).jpgpaperplane (6).jpgpaperplane (7).jpgpaperplane (8).jpg
Next,from any of the edge of the half folded line, start make a 'triangle' and fold the paper inside as shown on the picture.
paperplane (9).jpg
There you'll have one side of the paper folded this way, forming a sharp edge in the middle.

paperplane (10).jpgpaperplane (11).jpgpaperplane (12).jpg
We will proceed on folding another time. Based on the center line, we'll try to fold another layer to make a 'sharper' edge in the middle. (Very hard for me to explain with my limited vocabularies)
paperplane (13).jpg
There we are, and we're almost done. By having both of the side folded this way, you'll have the wing of the plane formed. To ensure best result, just make sure that the folding is symmetrical, but it's not necessary. 

paperplane (14).jpgpaperplane (15).jpgpaperplane (16).jpg
We'll now going to turn that plane over and do some final fold to form the 'wing' before setting it fly.

paperplane (17).jpg
Repeat on the opposite side. 

paperplane (18).jpg
Ta-da~ This is where you had successfully completed your hand-made paperplane!

paperplane (19).jpg
The top view, a jet fighter.
paperplane (20).jpg
This is how normally you hold it. Enjoy!

P.s. – I'd guess it's really ironic how much time i spent last time during my high school playing with this kind of thing compared to now, Dota more? Less paper planes 🙁 bad me. 

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    finally i bring back my childhood dream of making paper plane,,,about the underwear thing, Mr.X, r u sure you r going to wear it??? hope u can handle it well ahha,,,

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