How to use key to open a door?

You're having a problem to open a locked door. But you're sure that you have the key to access into the place.

First, make sure that you have the key/access into that restricted place. 

key (1).jpg
And of course, the door that's blocking your way. Instead of bashing or running through it, we'll use the civilized way.
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By having the key on your hand, slip in the key onto the door knob's keyhole.

key (3).jpg
Just make sure that it's inside fully. 

key (4).jpgkey (5).jpgkey (6).jpg
And it's optional that you can make a 90 degrees twist counterclockwise or clockwise to open the door. If you still can't seem to turn the knob and open the door, make sure and recheck if it's the correct key, else you'll break it.

key (7).jpg
Mission complete, you're in!

17 thoughts on “How to use key to open a door?

  1. ManMeng Post author

    I guess that is when you’re facing problems or challenges in life, that value to make you feel alive rises even higher, and that applies to opening a door, which you’ll have to make sure that it’s the correct key, or probably needs some time to look around ofr the correct one, isn’t it?

    But i guess, there’s even time you’ll feel tired of overcoming countless problem while looking at other enjoying at the times you’re the most suffered, you feel extremely depressed, but i’d understand the law of you get what you give.

    Soon peace will come.

    Thanks for dropping by.


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  3. cassie

    Da, I don’t know how to unlock a door…da wee
    I need help…I dont know how to watch TV!!!
    How stupid can you get!

  4. Whahahaha

    If you can’t even unlock a door…. they really expect you to use a computer and surf the internet???

    1. allyson

      if your computer isn’t behind the door, i don’t see what the problem is

      other than the locked door, now that’s a major issue.

  5. jonh

    Thank U for teach me “How to use key to open a door?”
    & Can U teach me how to open this web site?
    Best Regards,

    1. allyson

      i’ve been using a hard boiled egg to unlock the door of my house for a few years now… i’m so glad i found this site

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