How to read magazine?

You have a magazine and you are not quite sure at where to start reading it at? 

I guess this applicable to most of the magazine available out there, which requires you to read from left to right.
readmag (1).jpgreadmag (2).jpgreadmag (3).jpg
And it's been an amazing how magazine are being produced this way, that requires you to flip over to view the content.
readmag (4).jpgreadmag (5).jpg
Here we are at the first page, which is normally advertisements, no worries, we'll try to read from left to right, up to bottom.

readmag (6).jpg
A lot of things to absorb you say?
readmag (7).jpg
And you'll still see the whole picture at once when you feel a bit dizzy after reading at such a closed-up distance.
readmag (8).jpgreadmag (9).jpg
And when you're done reading at this page, you can proceed flipping onward at other page.

readmag (10).jpg
Here we go again (repeat above steps). Enjoy