How to plug in your phoneline?

phoneline(0).jpgYou have a new phone laying around your house. And you want to install it with your phone line. Here comes this nifty tutorial to guide you how.

phoneline (2).jpg
A typical phone line would have a headjack like this. Notice the fragile pin on one of the side? That would act like to secure the phone line from dropping off the phone.

phoneline (3).jpg
Here's the hole that you plug in your phone line.
phoneline (4).jpg
Slowly make sure that you're slotting in the phoneline jack in the right direction.
phoneline (5).jpg
Upon succession, you'll hear a 'click' sound to ensure that the phone jack been secured with the pin. To pull the phone line (unplugging it), you'll have to hold down on the pin and pull it out, no force needed.
phoneline (1).jpg

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  1. Animefan

    How can you need help to put a cable into a wall or phone? Come on..

    But nice detailed graphics.. xD