How to open door

Let's say you have a door at your house/workplace that you feel shy to open it. Fear not, here the help comes.

opendoor (1).jpg
A door would look like this. (With door knob)

Make sure it's unlocked (not locked).

opendoor (2).jpg
Grasp the door knob with your hand and twist it either counterclockwise or clockwise to open it.
opendoor (3).jpg
Notice the little thing on the right? That's the thing to 'hold' a door.
opendoor (4).jpg
Upon twisting the door knob, you'll be able to open the door and move on.
opendoor (5).jpg
Tada~ Enjoy!

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  2. JoeSchmo

    How about “How to close a door without slamming it”? …complete with answers to frequently asked questions…

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