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How to cut your fingernails

And another classic example on how you can cut your fingernails (applicable to your foot nails as well).

And you have grown the nails to a certain extend that it looks ugly and accumulates dust and dirt.

You can get this from almost departmental stores or hypermarket.

You not need to have a degree to do this.

Turn the top over.

And hold it like this.

With extreme care, make sure you didnt cut your flesh with this, put the nail cutter close to your nails.

A more close-up.

And here's when you done it!

How to clean your ear?

I'm not sure how many of us does this regularly or even aware that there is a tool for us to clean our ear except from washing it from the outside when we bath?

You can get this from almost everywhere, easily spotted at hypermarkets or pasar malams.

Note the end that looked like a spoon, yes, it's for digging. For Chinese, they call it "Digging gold".

Here's how you hold it. with the spoonfacing on your side, but it really depends when you're digging it.

Find an ear,and yes, your OWN ear, unless you are very sure and have permission from the other person, do not simply dig other people's ear!

And before inserting the ear-digger(sorry i have no idea what it's called), please make sure you're not drunk or you'll end up poking your ear and filled it with blood and gores. So do it sparingly and carefully.

no no no, this is the dirt or stain that accumulated inside our ear, and it varies to different people, and to make sure you didn't hurt your ear, do not poke until too deep into it. If you need assistance, look for one. Take care.

How to use the Autopay service (Sunway Pyramid)

I guess this will probably have a series of similar tutorial but on different machine, (most of the hypermarket uses different/thier own machines).

Here you'll have a valid ticket, and you'll only need to pay before exitting the area, because the amount of charges will be counted by hours.

Weekdays : RM1 per hour / Max RM4
Weekend : RM3 per hour / Max RM6

Almost at every exit to carpark of the shopping centre you'll find this machine. Look for one, spotted usually nearby the carpark's lift.

With the labels on top, insert the ticket.

Insert coins or money notes onto the machine, remember to align the notes on the very very left of the slot, else, you'll probably face trouble paying. Don't ask why, a bug from the maker of this machine.

Look at thedisplay for the paid amount and return you'll gonna get, and if you need a receipt, press on the highlighted button.

And also look out for your change, remember to take it.

Before leaving the place, remember to take your ticket as well.

How to pay for your parking? (Classic)

Let's say you parked your car around the city and you noticed there's a need for you avoid from being summoned for not paying the parking fee.

You'll probably see something like this.

When you're near by it, you'll see on the display indicating '00:00' which means the duration of the allowed parking time has been reset to zero. You will need to pay to increase the duration.

And there will also be indication on what/how much coin you'll have to insert to pay for the minimum amount.

Insert the desire amount of coin on the slot. Written here are in Bahasa Melayu "Masukkan Syling" means, please insert your coins here.

Upon successful transaction, you'll see on the display indication how much time left, by HH:MM unit. And there's also a note says the maximum amount of time that you can insert per session is 3 hour. Enjoy!

Great (updated)

I never realized that has upload limit, great. now i'm on the verge of death. I'll seehow things unfold. Let me think…

 Edit :

Okay now, i'm not sure if this works, i'm linking uploaded picture from blogger, but since on the legal side, i'm not sure if this  is legal, but it's the only way i can work this out, especially with automatic picture resizing, i'll be needing it badly, i can't seem to resize picture 1 by 1, i'll die from hand cramp lol. Please let me know if you have problem viewing the tutorial's picture. Okay? Have fun. Posted 4 new one.

With the warmest regards

A very good evening to everyone that visits this site, and thanks for the support :D. Really felt glad that actually it did help you in life. Here I guess I will do a monthly update on the newest and updated post. But so far, I guess there's more to do especially in re-organising all of the posts towards it's suitable categories. But do drop me a note and let me know if you have any idea running up for me and if you would like to contribute on the to-do list, let me know as well.

But there are times that i might seem missing from the post, this is due to the 'full time' i'm having now, which has taken most of my life's commitment into it. Hope to see results in it. But well, life's unexpected, never know what's ahead. And once again, thanks to YOU! yes you!!!! Youu1!!!1!!!oneone!111

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How to use a hairdryer?

You have a wet messy hair needed to be dried fast. And you have just bought a typical normal hairdryer.

Here's how a normal one looks like.
dryer (5).JPG
You hold it like this.
dryer (3).JPG
Before operating it, make sure the switches are on.

dryer (1).JPG
And for a normal hairdyer, you'll find a button for you to operate it in 2 different mode, one with lesser air but hotter and vice versa. Which mode would suits you? You decide. One blows out a lot of air but it's not that 'hot'. But of course this varies to different modern hair dryers.

dryer (2).JPG

dryer (4).JPG
One worthy note, do not blow it onto your face. Unless you feel like get cooked

How to hang cloth

Derived from the previous post about how you can wash your clothes, here is a sequel to that tutorial on how you can hang your clothes to dry.

hangcloth(0).jpghangcloth (1).jpghangcloth (2).jpg
One you've the washing part completed. Take out all of the clothes and ready it for hanging/drying.

hangcloth (3).jpghangcloth (4).jpg
For safety precautions, always remember to switch off the washing machine and close the water valve's.

hangcloth (5).jpghangcloth (6).jpg
Next, find a perfect place for you to hang your clothes outside of your house, preferbly which you'll able to move around to let the sun shines and dries it. Or you can customize and make use of strings and tie it on 2 poles to make a place for hanging clothes/pants.

hangcloth (7).jpghangcloth (8).jpg
Then you'll need to have cloth hangers.
hangcloth (9).jpghangcloth (10).jpg
Putting it in properly and make it fit.

hangcloth (12).jpghangcloth (11).jpg
Complete! Enjoy!

If you missed the earlier article about cleaning and ironing your cloth, here it is.

How to wash cloth

This is a crucial part in our life we believe, unless you're lucky enough to have maid to do it for you. Here it's a way of washing your cloth using the most ancient washing machine (applicable to most modern washing machine as well).

So you have a bunch of smelly clothes waiting to be washed by you.

wash (1).JPG
Waste no time and we'll put it inside the washing machine for a go.

wash (2).JPGwash (3).JPGwash (4).JPG
Switch on the power, turn up the water supply, and do some necessary setting before moving on.

wash (5).JPGwash (6).JPG
For this ancient washing machine, i'd have one at home. Instead of pressing on digital switches or button, you'll have to 'pull' the plug to make it start to run. *pok*

wash (7).JPG
Make sure you turned the dial to the desired mode before switching it to run.

wash (8).JPG
If everything's done correctly, at this phase you'll have water pouring into the washing machine.wash (9).JPGwash (10).JPGwash (11).JPG
You can start to put in all of your clothes and pants. Notice that you'll probably need to turn all of your apparels 'inside-out', to make sure that the washing machine washes the 'inside' clean. Because you'd wear it inside right?

wash (12).JPG
One worthy note, try not to overload your washing machine with too many clothes or pants.

wash (13).JPG
Next, we'll find the suitable detergent (most of other chooses to use washing powder at this stage, which is really optional).

wash (14).JPGwash (15).JPG
Open up the cap, which usually we have different brands, one of the popular one are 'Dynamo' but it's expensive. Start pouring in the needed amount of detergent, usually half cup or quarter or the cup is sufficient.

wash (16).JPGwash (17).JPG
Once you've determined the amount of liquid you need, pour it inside.

wash (18).JPG
Now, sit down, relax and wait it to be washed.


How to setup a basic 5.1 speaker?

Here again, if you've a basic 5.1 speaker to setup, like mine, the Logitech's Z-540, very basic requirement are needed. Normally with your motherboard needs to have support for 5.1's speaker.

This is my Z-540, which costs around RM250 or less now (Mac 2006).

speaker (1)1.JPG
A typical look of a motherboard that supports that kind of speaker.

speaker (3).JPG
Once you have everything setuped as per manual from the speaker's manufacturer, just like on the picture.

speaker (2).JPG
Notice the red, green, blue, black and orange jack? For now, we'll only use the green and the black jack only. Notice the blue colour (line-in) are normally for used on recording (stereo system –> pc). Red is for microphone.

speaker (4).JPG
From the speaker you'll have to plugin-jack. Both colour indicated.

speaker (5).JPGspeaker (6).JPG
Plug it in. Check the power, and you're done! No driver necessary on the speaker's side, except if your motherboard has chipset that supports it, try download the latest driver. My motherboard is using nForce2 Ultra's chipset, so i'll get it from