How to insert a CD/DVD into your CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Drive

Some of you might even wonder how to insert a CD/DVD into your CD/DVD drive (known as optical drive). But fear not, the help here comes with guiding you on how to insert your media into the drive.burncd_(0).jpgburncd_ (1).JPG
Here's a typical look of a CD-R, and most of the CDs outside would have the same size, unless if you're using the mini sized CD. Both of the picture above shows the top (left) and bottom (right) of the CD.

burncd_ (2).JPG
Here is how a typical CD/DVD-ROM drive would look like. Notice the eject button on the far right? Which is most of the market's drive eject button would located at.

burncd_ (3).JPG
By pushing on the eject button, you'll have the Drive's CD Tray ejected for you to place your CD onto it.

burncd_ (4).JPG
Please be sure that you only insert 1 CD/DVD at a time! Failure to do so might end up damage on both of your drive and the media. And of course, make sure that it is facing on the right direction.
burncd_ (5).JPG
After making sure everything is in it's place, you are now ready to rock! Push on the eject button again will make the drive's tray go inside, and you'll then able to burn CDs,DVDs, or watch movie if you want to.

And some of you might ask what you can do with a blank CD-R/DVD-R, and what software you can use to burn/backup your files with it. Below is the link to a wide list of popular CD Burning softwares you can find on the internet.