How to connect your hard disk to the power (molex) connector?

Some of you may wonder how you can connect your power supply’s molex connector to your hard disk and might afraid that you would break your hard disk. Fear not, it’s a simple step that you would not believe your eye to start with.

Disclaimer : do it with care, i hold no responsible for your broken hard disk 😛

Of course, you’ll have your hard disk, and most of the common PATA hard disk uses this type of power connector.
And then you would also have your 4 colour wired power connector.

To correctly identify that you insert your molex connector into the right direction, look at the shape or, make sure the yellow wire are facing the right side of the hard disk (outside). And of course, you wouldn’t able to insert the power connector on the wrong direction (except, you push in the wrong direction with some cow strength)

You can hold on the both side of the connector and another hand holding your hard disk, to connect the power cable.

And of course, before even powering it up, just double check and make sure it’s tight that will keep the hard disk runs properly.

You might interested in knowing on how to plug in the IDE cable as well.

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