How to connect your hard disk to the IDE cable?

Now, here you might wonder how you can connect your PATA hard disk to the IDE cable?

Here’s the IDE cable that connect your harddisk to the motherboard. Look at how unusual it is? Note the extra “bump” on one side of the cable to make sure that you doesn’t plug it on the ‘wrong side’

Here’s the hole on the harddisk that you plug your IDE cable into.

Holding the hard disk on one of your hand and the other, holding the IDE cable, try to align the cable properly with the harddisk so you won’t end up bending the pins.
A mild strength is enough to push the IDE cable inside the pins.
And after you sure that it has been aligned properly, push the IDE cable into the pins slowly.

Before making it run, just to make sure that it is properly fit.

If you wonder you can learn on how to plug in the molex connector as well

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  2. simon janssen

    I do have a question
    i do have laptop with a 2.5 inch ide harddisk, which is ruined.
    I phoned to the shop to get a new harddisk installed.
    They told me they could not get a ide disk. So….
    Now i get the impression that ide ande psta is the same or at least compatible.
    Is that true?

    simon janssen

  3. ManMeng Post author

    hi there simon

    1. sata is a newer technology for harddisk which uses a smaller cable in comparison to ide/pata harddisk (look :

    2. sata and ide/pata harddisk have different type of connector (showing above on the pictures are ide/pata)

    3. they’re both hard disk, the same, just that cable and speed in transferring is different. though not really noticeable in daily use.