How to connect 2 molexes together?

Say, you bought a new computer peripherals and you have no idea how to connect it into your computer power connectors from your power supply. And you might afraid that you will blow it up.

Here’s the connector, both female and male, of course, the one with pins are male, and holes are female 😉

Here’s the male one.

You’ll have to make sure you align the connector properly, and remember the colour of the wires? yellow connects to yellow and red to red, and so on. And you’ll have no problem mixing it up the other way round.
By holding both side with your both hand, push one into the other, and if you find it is hard to connect both together, check both the male and female pins and see if it’s bent or mis-aligned.
And again the rule of thumb, before operating your hardware, make sure it’s properly connected, and not loose.