Where to find interesting sites?

If you bound to have more websiter address of the similar categories that brings joys to your daily reading, do not hesitate to let me know about it and I’ll add it in here, and of course, you’ll have the credit for it. Sharing is care
Boing Boing

This site, as the name suggests, provides weird and funny content from all over the places. It’s diverse from the range of technology news to even how rat thinks. Go figure.


If you’re looking at the latest cutting edge technology news, and added on top of that, it’s not a boring site, digg has it all. By the user for the user’s concept. Everyone can register a digg account and submit a news, but it’s really dependent on the other users to decides wheter the article submitted by you will be displayed on the main page, based on the ‘dugg’ count.

For a more look-and-laugh type of site, you’ll find this community site would serve some purpose for you. You’ll have no worry that you’ll even find World News that you’ll laugh as you look at it. Odd stuff as usual.

Japan culture, weird inventions, games and gadgets. This site promises you’ll fill yourself with ‘wow-i-didn’t-know-that’ kind of articles or news. Though there might be some are old ones, but aren’t old news sometimes are exciting as donuts?

Octopus Drop Kick

The name itself, doesn’t really make sense to me, but it sounds pretty cool, so as the site will provide you with weird ‘wtf’ news. You’ll find news about ‘Big Foot’ as well.