How to enjoy a pack/plate of nice nasi lemak?

Nasi lemak, one of the famous local classic cuisine you’ll find in Malaysia, known for it’s affordability, you’ll able to purchase a pack/plate of it for R.M. 1.20 (approximately) (0.3usd!!!). It was way cheaper back then.
This is how a typical nasi lemak, packaged, would look like. You can get it anywhere around Malaysia at your local favourite Mamak foodstall.

Upon unpacking, you’ll usually presented by some ikan bilis (anchovies) , cooked egg, peanuts and the ever famous sambals (dried chilis that is grinded).

Of course, if that’s not enough, you can always add another extra fried chicken ala mamak style, for another R.M 2.0 (approximate price).
Best served hot. and with bunch of close friends.