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How to chat without installing software

Here, you’ll see a list of a pre-compiled list that will be updated overtime whenever i find any new links that is related to, services that enable you to chat over a network without have to install any software on the computer that you are using, applicable to most of the office users. Do let me know if you found any more.

This is browser/web based ICQ chat client that provided by ICQ themself.


Being one of the popular one around the internet, eMessenger supports up to 3 type of protocol, MSN, Yahoo and AOL. But of course, with smileys, and icons as their feature, you’ll have to deal with bunch of ads floating around the browser.


Java Browser based client for MSN, which is not really on the funky side for the interface, but much or less enough for you if you just want to chat, much on the low-profile side, if you decide to hide and not let other people notice you chatting 😉

A very super hyper powerful chat client, powered by AJAX. These dudes behind this project are really up to the ‘next’ thing. Going to soon support on various language, which is now, already sufficient to act almost-like the actual chat client, which supports, AOL, Yahoo, MSN and Gtalk/Jabber. Real cool, a MUST TRY!

Web Msn Messenger

Browser based MSN Messenger provided by MSN themself, the most-look-alike client that emulates most from what the original provides, but of course, if your place blocks this domain, i’d suggest you give a try at the other web based clients.


Another feature packed browser based Google Talk client, built on flash, you’ll be amazed on the performance and feedback given to you. Not only acting as a chat client, you’ll have access at one go, to your inbox, YouTube videos, Flickr’s Pictures. Very useful stuff.

Update 5/25 : If you are looking into more alternatives, the link below will take you further towards the rest of the online chat application.

How to use SmartTag

Say, you're driving car, and you have Smart Tag, which is used in major highways in Malaysia. And you're not quite sure on how to operate it.

This is one of the latest (as of March 2006) model of Smart Tag with the Touch N Go card slotted inside. The back (left) and front view (right)
On the left side of this gadget, this is where the sound come from to indicate that credit been deduted from your card when passing through a toll with Smart Tag access.

On the right side, pressing on this button will display the remaining amount of credit left inside your Touch N Go card. A neat feature.
When approaching any of the Smart Tag enabled lane toll, besides slowing down, make sure that the black part of the gadget is facing the mirror (look at the picture).

Once credit been deducted, you'll hear a sound of *beep* from your Smart Tag device, indicating that you're ready to go.

Tips : NEVER leave your Smart Tag device inside your car unattended, and you might end up have your car's windscreen smashed for it. 

How to insert a CD/DVD into your CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Drive

Some of you might even wonder how to insert a CD/DVD into your CD/DVD drive (known as optical drive). But fear not, the help here comes with guiding you on how to insert your media into the drive.burncd_(0).jpgburncd_ (1).JPG
Here's a typical look of a CD-R, and most of the CDs outside would have the same size, unless if you're using the mini sized CD. Both of the picture above shows the top (left) and bottom (right) of the CD.

burncd_ (2).JPG
Here is how a typical CD/DVD-ROM drive would look like. Notice the eject button on the far right? Which is most of the market's drive eject button would located at.

burncd_ (3).JPG
By pushing on the eject button, you'll have the Drive's CD Tray ejected for you to place your CD onto it.

burncd_ (4).JPG
Please be sure that you only insert 1 CD/DVD at a time! Failure to do so might end up damage on both of your drive and the media. And of course, make sure that it is facing on the right direction.
burncd_ (5).JPG
After making sure everything is in it's place, you are now ready to rock! Push on the eject button again will make the drive's tray go inside, and you'll then able to burn CDs,DVDs, or watch movie if you want to.

And some of you might ask what you can do with a blank CD-R/DVD-R, and what software you can use to burn/backup your files with it. Below is the link to a wide list of popular CD Burning softwares you can find on the internet.

How to connect 2 molexes together?

Say, you bought a new computer peripherals and you have no idea how to connect it into your computer power connectors from your power supply. And you might afraid that you will blow it up.

Here’s the connector, both female and male, of course, the one with pins are male, and holes are female 😉

Here’s the male one.

You’ll have to make sure you align the connector properly, and remember the colour of the wires? yellow connects to yellow and red to red, and so on. And you’ll have no problem mixing it up the other way round.
By holding both side with your both hand, push one into the other, and if you find it is hard to connect both together, check both the male and female pins and see if it’s bent or mis-aligned.
And again the rule of thumb, before operating your hardware, make sure it’s properly connected, and not loose.

How to connect your hard disk to the IDE cable?

Now, here you might wonder how you can connect your PATA hard disk to the IDE cable?

Here’s the IDE cable that connect your harddisk to the motherboard. Look at how unusual it is? Note the extra “bump” on one side of the cable to make sure that you doesn’t plug it on the ‘wrong side’

Here’s the hole on the harddisk that you plug your IDE cable into.

Holding the hard disk on one of your hand and the other, holding the IDE cable, try to align the cable properly with the harddisk so you won’t end up bending the pins.
A mild strength is enough to push the IDE cable inside the pins.
And after you sure that it has been aligned properly, push the IDE cable into the pins slowly.

Before making it run, just to make sure that it is properly fit.

If you wonder you can learn on how to plug in the molex connector as well

How to connect your hard disk to the power (molex) connector?

Some of you may wonder how you can connect your power supply’s molex connector to your hard disk and might afraid that you would break your hard disk. Fear not, it’s a simple step that you would not believe your eye to start with.

Disclaimer : do it with care, i hold no responsible for your broken hard disk 😛

Of course, you’ll have your hard disk, and most of the common PATA hard disk uses this type of power connector.
And then you would also have your 4 colour wired power connector.

To correctly identify that you insert your molex connector into the right direction, look at the shape or, make sure the yellow wire are facing the right side of the hard disk (outside). And of course, you wouldn’t able to insert the power connector on the wrong direction (except, you push in the wrong direction with some cow strength)

You can hold on the both side of the connector and another hand holding your hard disk, to connect the power cable.

And of course, before even powering it up, just double check and make sure it’s tight that will keep the hard disk runs properly.

You might interested in knowing on how to plug in the IDE cable as well.

How to go to Sunway Pyramid?

Let’s say you plan to have a trip down to Sunway Pyramid during the weekend, from Klang, Shah Alam using the infamous Federal Highway that you will need to pass the Jalan Batu Tiga’s R.M 1.10 Toll (as of 8th March 2006). And here we’ll present you this short guide on how you can reach there fast.

The federal highway from the toll.
Make sure you slow down after paying the toll, and keep your car on the left side of the lane. As you’ll need to make a turn up the hill.
The interesting Initial D’s Mt.Akina-lookalike hill.

Keep your car on the middle lane, and we’ll move straight without turning into the left lane (Subang Jaya).
Straight as we are, drive slowly.

Towards the road we’ll see a roadsign indicating ‘Bandar Sunway

As usual, keep your car on the left lane and make a turn to the left.
Being a nice polite driver, from here onward, you’ll drive passing through 2 bridges.
Move toward slowly.

The second bridge is just right in front. On the left side of this road you’ll see, McDonalds, Burger King and some local famous colleges.
The second bridge.

Passing that you’ll faintly see the Lion’s head on the right side.

As usual, keep your car on the left, and we’ll make a U-Turn in front to reach to the destination.

Right before the traffic light, there’s an option for us to make a U-turn.

And after that, you’ll need to slow down and keep your car on the left lane to drive into Sunway Pyramid.

Upon reaching, you’ll have to find a place to park your car.

Right just in front after you make a left turn, there’s a Sunway Resort hotel where you can park your car inside, and it’s connected to Sunway Pyramid. Cool.

How to go to Low Yat Plaza?

I’d think this article would be pretty helpful for foreigner or any outstation friend that wondered how they can reach the ever-famous LowYat Plaza by driving. And of course, it’s partly applicable to those who wants to walk or take bus to there. And do be reminded, due to the ‘dynamic’ changing nature of our country’s highway infrastructure, i’m not sure if this article is still valid after 3-5 years from now *grins*

But of course, i’d hope that this will be helpful to you, if you like it, drop me a comment or e-mail. 😀 And seriously, it’s really easy to get there, if you know how. And this article is applicable for those who uses the Federal Highway, from Klang, Shah Alam, P.Jaya, Subang Jaya or any other place that connects to this highway.
You can of course have different direction to go to this famous place, the hardware heaven by most of those geeks in Malaysia.
And it remained very accesible, most commonly through our country’s FEDERAL HIGHWAY, and this is Shah Alam, Selangor. Just move/drive towards the federal highway.
Towards the front you’ll reach this toll booth where you have to pay R.M. 1.10 (as of 5th March 2006, will increase eventually). And this place is known as the Batu Tiga Toll to most of the locals here.
Driving towards the toll, you’ll reach the ever famous most jammed packed road during the weekdays/working days. Keep your cars forward, no need to switch any lane, it’s really that simple.

Moving toward after that symbilic overhead bridge (refer to previous picture above), you’ll reach another overhead bridge, which has a building that you can recognize, the Hilton PJ Hotel. Of course, drive straight.
As usual, by driving forward you will reach the intersection that separates the Selangor state and the Kuala Lumpur. And there’s few classic cannon there.

Here you’re halfway there, and on your right side of your driver’s seat, you’ll notice our beloved national TV Station headquarter, the Angkasapuri. And you’re also near the somewhat-biggest-shopping mall in Malaysia. Midvalley Megamall.
Make sure you didn’t make any turn at this point, or else you’ll end up inside Megamall, just keep your driving cool, go on forward.
After the Midvalley’s Megamall, you will reach to another point where it’s the Volvo showroom. And the ever changing MNG’s billboard. Pretty.
Still, you’ll be driving forward without making any turn to any junction.

Towards the end of the Federak Highway, you’ll be presented by a roundabout, which is usually congested, so if you’re bound to stuck in this situation, do not panic, and turn to your right, not left.
And at the roundabout,  you’ll see the signboard indicating the direction to ‘Stadium Merdeka’, and of course, this is also the direction to the ever famous ‘Petaling Street / Malaysia’s Chinatown’. Turn towards there.
Going upward you’ll reach this place. Keep your car on the lane, do not make any turn yet.
Instead of turning to the left (which brings you to the Petaling Street, here and next I’ll provide you the best tip to avoid traffic jam.
Turn left, and you’ll drive towards the ever old Stadium Merdeka (A lot of concert are being held here, known more as the Independence Stadium).
Drive forward, no need to turn left.

At the junction, make a right turn.
Here you are, the traffic light, and on your right side you see the Pudu Jail and just right in your front right side, you’ll see the ever famous as well, the TIMES SQUARE.

Crossing the traffic light, and drive straight, you’ll see this.
Go slow and make a slow left turn. And yes, it’s a pretty hidden place if you didn’t notice it correctly.
See the building on the left side? With a red colour painted wall? (Notice on the right side, it’s a very old but yet, popular shopping mall where you can grasp on a lot of cool fashion, cloths, and almost everything at an affordable price, known as Sungei Wang)
Oh god, you are almost near the heaven of all.

Drive slowly towards the road, you’ll find the place where you can park your car
And of course, just a friendly reminder, as you know it’s the most popular for people to hang out for hardware, and most of the time, you’ll find yourself in a position that you will swear and curse a lot, because of difficulty in finding a normal parking. God bless you.
There you go.


How to enjoy a pack/plate of nice nasi lemak?

Nasi lemak, one of the famous local classic cuisine you’ll find in Malaysia, known for it’s affordability, you’ll able to purchase a pack/plate of it for R.M. 1.20 (approximately) (0.3usd!!!). It was way cheaper back then.
This is how a typical nasi lemak, packaged, would look like. You can get it anywhere around Malaysia at your local favourite Mamak foodstall.

Upon unpacking, you’ll usually presented by some ikan bilis (anchovies) , cooked egg, peanuts and the ever famous sambals (dried chilis that is grinded).

Of course, if that’s not enough, you can always add another extra fried chicken ala mamak style, for another R.M 2.0 (approximate price).
Best served hot. and with bunch of close friends.

How to use the car’s handbrake/e-brake

Here is a simple guide to help you to better understand on how to use your car’s handbrake (e-brake : emergency brake).

For most of the common car, when parked, the handbrake are usually pulled to ensure safety that your car doesn’t rolls out of it’s way by itself. And notice the light that lit on the dashboard, a classic example on how to check if your handbrake is active/unfreed.

A typical handbrake/e-brake that might look at your car, located right in between the driver and passenger’s seat. You can have access to it anytime.
Note that there is a button for you to hold down to use the handbrake.
With the button pressed firmly, kindly push the handbrake down and release the button.

The light’s are not lit anymore indicating that you can ready to drive your car now.