How to use a condom?

Of course, it has been a culture that no one really dares to talk about learning these things publicly or positively, more or less like for you to learn it through see-and-poke trials. But of course, being a curious person in nature, you might end up not knowing if the trials and errors you're doing is on the right track.
Author's note : No matter how it comes to, a walkthrough is still a walkthrough, and being yourself, knowing what you are doing is important.

A typical pack of condom would look like this. So do not worry if it looks different from what you usually see in oversea's movies. A normal pack would gives you 3 of this thing and with a manual/instruction with it. There are different variation that you can see from shops, and it's available worldwide on your beloved convenience store (eg. 7 Eleven).

condom (3).JPG
The rule of thumb : Check the expiry date first!

Hold it and tear it open.
It won't break like plastic, no worries.

Tada! A normal typical condom. Please be noted it has lubricants and a funny weird smell on it.

Make sure you have the private part (penis) erected before putting condom onto it, else you'll have pretty difficult time on it.

condom (1).JPGcondom (2).JPG
Have the condom's tip facing upward (outside/opposite) of the private part before inserting it in.
Again, the representational subject, and the closest, would be this at this angle and shot. Just make sure it's fit and you are in a comfortable position.

condom (5).JPG
And when you have ejaculated, make sure you hold the condom properly and remove it from the tip. Wrap the remains properly before disposing it. And, no, please do not throw it inside the hole of the toilet, you'll create a blockage in the water system. If you afraid and doesn't want people to notice you're using it. Wrap it with papers/tissues.

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  1. ManMeng Post author

    I think somehow it’s the mentality and acceptance towards this due to the nature of our education background, which is pretty on a closed ground and conservative.

    In fact, I’d think to let it out for people to learn on how things work will educate themself and their roles, what are the consequences, in a more realistic way rather than the old old grandmother-nagging way “do not do this do not do that”

  2. Lin Ling

    apart from telling us what the packaging is like, how to open the packaging and the warning of weird smell, i don’t find this informative at all.

    Some crucial point u should include is which side up, only applicable when penis is erected, warning on tearing-whether u should use a new one then, and what to do after ejaculation and withdrawal.

    we get a lot of this in female magazines. Perhaps you should evaluate them.

  3. ManMeng Post author

    noted, useful comment indeed,
    i was hesitating on should i or shouldn’t to put it in a more detailed explaination, might as well with the whole clear picture, i think this has to do with some stereotyping of conversative mentatilty.

    By seeing the response and comments, I think now i can rest asure edit some of the part and add in the important information as what you pointed out. thanks 😀

  4. Nicevil

    (Does This Apply To All Dick Sizes ?)
    In other words, What if my d*** is too big ??
    Should I pull and stretch it to fit, and risk having small parts of the condom torn and eventually resulting in unexpected babies popping out in 9 months ?
    (Does This Apply To Super-D***s ?)
    In other words, What if my ejaculation is too powerful ?? (78 feet, by the way.)
    Do I put 2 layers of condom, and risk suffocating my dick ??
    (What about flavoured condoms ? Must you wear it differently ?)
    You know, to penetrate and to be s***d are two very different things.
    So really must I wear it in easier-to-s*** way ? How ?

    I request a more detailed update on this matter. It is after all, the most important how-to post in this whole website.
    Oh, is it possible for real-life-examples so that this how-to-wear-a-condom will be more accurate ?
    Regards from me, Nicevil.