How do you start your car?

You need, your car’s key for this operation. Obviously. Applicable to most(old)/some(newer car) of the Automatic transmission car.
You’re right in front of your car’s steering. And you want to ignite your car and have the engine running.
Make sure you car’s gearbox in on the N (Neutral) position, you don’t want to end up start your car and have it banging on other object before you knowing it.

Have your car’s key ready.
Locate where you can insert your car’s key to start the engine, normally would be located on the right side of your car’s steering.
By slowly turning your key CLOCKWISE, you’ll hear some sound indicating it is starting up.
On the previous picture, that was on the ACC state, by turning your key towards the START state, keep it on that state until you have your engine running/started and release it. DONOT HOLD YOUR KEY ON THE START’s state for a long time! You might end up damaging your car’s engine for it.
You have your engine running, and you’re ready for cruisin’

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  1. crazysocket

    different car different way of starting engine dude…

    u forgot about some car using sensor… n some car gear box is lock until u start your engine, so you can’t move to N

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