How to withdraw money from an ATM?

There has been cases that you might heard from withdrawing money from ATM that may kept you paranoid, and in fear on approacing that machine. Do not worry, of course from being cautious all the time from your surrounding, but it is always safe to assure that it’s easy to take money away from your ATM. (ATM = Auto Teller Machine)

Disclaimer : Do this at your own responsiblity, of course, i mean to share and not to harm.

As usual, go to your favourite local ATM and insert your ATM card. It will take few second to verify your card.
Choose your favourite language

Choose what you want to do, check balance or withdraw money from your bank account.

Enter the amount you want to withdraw and proceed. And wait for a while it’s processing. Look around for suspicious people. Just to take extra precaution.
The first thing you’ll need to take is the ATM card. The money won’t come out until you take away the ATM card. You not need to get extra hyper nervous in this step, though.

After collecting your money, it’s best you keep the receipt in case you want to check for your remaining balance.

Update 04/02/07 :

  • In Malaysia, you can normally withdraw not more than R.M.3,000 from an ATM, however the limit can be increase upon written request to the correspondance bank. This is due to avoid fraud or unwanted problem arised

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update: thanks, updated the mistake 😛

21 thoughts on “How to withdraw money from an ATM?

  1. quokkasoka

    You realize of course that ATM stands for Automatic Teller Machine, so by saying ATM machine you are actually saying:- Automatic Teller Machine Machine.

    A lot of people also say PIN number, where PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. So they are actually saying personal Identification number number.

    So you get the case where a person goes to the Automatic Teller Machine Machine and punches in their Personal Identification Number Number.


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  3. Rashi

    Is there any specific time that within that time we have to plug our ATM card? For ex: the 30secs time withn that we hv to get back that.

  4. ManMeng Post author

    Regards there Rashi,

    No there is no fixed time for you to get back your card once you insert it in.


  5. ekwunife

    Regards there Rashi,

    No there is no fixed time for you to get back your card once you insert it in.

  6. saransh

    please improve ur graphics so that it can be more comfortable for people to learn but overall it is very good

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