How to reload your DIGI prepaid card?

So you got a reload card from your favourite local mobile phone stall. But you had no idea how you can do it by not calling the operator. Here’s the DiGi’s way.

Here’s an example of a R.M.30 reload card. Works on any other amount as well. Applicable to 7Eleven’s reload coupon as well.

By turn to the backof the card, I was , ‘wow’, they changed the way how it looks.
Scratch off the area indicated, no cow strength needed

Upon seeing the numbers are visible, you can start to take up your mobile phone.

Before key in the codes, add in *123* in front first. Don’t ask me why, i don’t know why. 😛

Then follow by the 14 digits you found on the card. End it with a hash (#) Insert it carefully, if you mis-entered the code 3 time, you might get your number barred from calls. And you need to go to the phone centre to unlock it.
When you’re done, press SEND, and wait for the coming instruction.

You’re Done!


32 thoughts on “How to reload your DIGI prepaid card?

  1. Sandro

    can i buy digi coupons as a present without registering a cell phone number? I’m live in Europe and wanna send airtime to a malaysian digi number.
    Thanks for helping.


  2. ManMeng Post author

    Regards there,

    Yes you can, if you decide to purchase the coupon online, what you’ll get is a the ‘serial number’ that has 14 digits, which then you can pass to that person to reload 😀

  3. Man King

    Normally I will send a reload request to my wife, and within 30 seconds, my Digi will be automatically reloaded. No hassle.


  4. eddy

    Good info , search from google and find out this way , even i did this way before, tapi biaser lah.. selalu luper..

    thanks again..

  5. Ken

    i live in Australia. I need to reload my DIGI card. I can buy the prepaid online from but can I load it from Australia?

  6. Theng

    Do you still have that narnia digi reload card?
    Or other else reload card with image?
    I would like to have some..

    1. Marcus

      What do you mean. You mean your family too busy no time to topup or your family is running a topup business. Visit

  7. Lilian Chew

    I jz use Maybank 2u reload Digi RM 30 /= under digi top up.number. But reload number cannot be excess, it was 16 digit ,how can i reload my prepaid ??

    1. marcus

      u topup through maybank takda diskaun. u join me for free and u get diskaun. i also got maybank. bankin min rm5.00 and i register u for free. 0143029263-sms. or .

  8. Q Mei

    I live in Australia and have a DIGI prepaid phone in Malaysia due to expire in May 2013. I am new to prepaid phone.
    Please advise what is the difference between reload and top-up.
    Please kindly advise what do I need to do if I want to continue keeping the DIGI no after May 2013.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi QMei,

      Reload and Top-Up is referring to the same thing, adding talk-time (credit) value for mobile number.
      You will need to top-up/reload your mobile number when the talk-time value is due expiry.

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