How to purchase a drink from Starbucks?

It’s really amazing, that even myself, which is not an outgoing person in nature, also had this problem questioning on how can I purchase drink from this shop. Well, worry not, the result has been fruitful to me. And it’s really easy. Just be yourself. The worker’s there really nice and friendly.

Of course, being alone in this kind of place at first would really feel odd. No worries, take your time to get used to it. Grab a copy of magazine or anything that you can read, and sit down enjoying your drink here. It’s real nice. Believe me.
Here’s the familiar signboard you’ll find.

A typical Starbucks in Malaysia would look like this.

Be yourself, don’t get too hasty, nervous, just take your time, and look for which type of coffee or drink you like from the menu.
And being yourself, and decided on a drink you want, queuing up would be a good idea.

I ordered myself a hot tasty Cappucino. While waiting for it to be served for you, find a seat for yourself nearby. You’ll be asked to wait at the other end of the counter, that there is where you present your receipt and get your drink. Self-service though.
Upon receiving your drink. There’ll be a place nearby where you can get a straw (green colour). And also a selection of sugar.
This brown packet is brown sugar. Sweeter than the white sugar.

This is the white sugar, obvious isn’t it? And this one is finer than the brown one. But it all come to your preference.
Just pour it in. Some people prefer it without sugar at all. Normally, half or one packet is enough.
Best served hot.

2 thoughts on “How to purchase a drink from Starbucks?

  1. ManMeng Post author

    the plastic cup is espresso, which is best served without sugar, espresso tastes much more bitter because it has only pure coffee inside.

    If you are unsure of what to say, you can be like what you used to be in McD, *point finger* neh…that one, i want that one, one please, thanks 😀

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