How to deposit your money into an account?

A lot might be paranoid and had a lot of fear in using the deposit machine that is specially reserved for their convinience. Of course, at first, I had this fear that I would bank into the wrong account, but after I gave a try at it through a proper step by step process, I finally understand on how to use it.

Disclaimer : What i wrote here is to help, and not to harm, please do it with being cautious at all the time, and do not rush.
A typical depost machine would look like this, a lot where you can put your money in. Applicable to other type of bank’s deposit machine.
Press on any key on the machine to activate the deposit machine.
Select a language, for this walkthrough I’ll use Bahasa Malaysia.
Nothing much to be worry here, press ‘Yes’ to proceed.

Pretty straightforward instruction, choose Cash Deposit as your destination.

Out of all the step, this is the part which you’ll have to be extra careful, do not confuse your account number. But do not worry if you typed in the wrong account number, you can verify it and change it later.

Once you proceed towards the next screen, the machine will display the account holder’s name and number that you inserted, please make sure that the name displayed is the one that you want to banked in to!

Tilt your head down a bit, you’ll see this little cute green LED light will start to blink and hunger for your money, not really. It’s an indication where you can place your money there. You cannot place the money 1 piece by 1 piece. You have to properly organize it in a bulk and put it properly inside.
Once you placed it on, the machine will ‘suck’ in your money and the calculation can begin, do not worry, if you’re unsure that you insert the correct amount/account number, you can undo this step later.

Check the ammount if it’s correct, or if you’re unsure, for the last time, you can undo this process and enter the account number all over again.

And you’re done after you pressed proceed on the last step above, keep the receipt for further verification in case you banked into the wrong account number, it will act as a proof. You’re done!

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