How to charge a handphone : Sony Ericsson T610

This might apply to most of other Sony Ericsson phone. What you need is a phone and a handphone charger which you’ll be able to get it around any mobile phone shop for R.M.15 (Not originally made by Sony Ericsson).

You need a handphone for this. Any Sony Ericsson phone would fit into this tutorial.
A typical charger for Sony Ericsson would look like this. Notice the charger’s head and arrow indicating on how to plug it in.

Locate an empty slot for you to put your charger on.

Insert it according to the pin, not the other way round, which you are not able to do it anyway 😀

Inspect the charger’s head, and prepare to insert it into your phone.

No cow-like strength are needed for this, gently push it in.

And you’re done!

You might notice that the ‘green led’ lit up even before i switch on the power, it’s not that it’s breaking down, it’s just indicating that your phone’s is ready to be charged. And it’s functioning properly.
Switch it on and you’re ready to go!

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