How to plug into an USB port?

Frequently, which is not often, people complain they broke their USB hardware, and claiming it was the seller’s problem. But, somehow I’d feel it’s nice to know how to properly plugging in an USB device to the correct hole. 😀

This is how a normal USB cable looks like, be it from a digital camera, printer, mouse or keyboard. Notice the logo. USB also known as Universal Serial Bus.

Closer look on the cable’s head

A typical USB port would look like from your computer. Notice the white piece?
It’s best to make sure everything is aligned properly before inserting it. Rest asure of having the fear on elecrocut by this device, while I wouldn’t say there’s no risk involved, but at least take precaution and clean up your hand if it’s wet with water.

Make sure it’s fully plugged in. No need to use cow force.

Tada!~ you’re done.

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