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How to switch on your Mac?

Some, might not be all of us would be very lucky to afford a Mac, or course, with the recent announcement of newer batch of Macs with Intel processor, it proved to be somehow a better buy.

Let’s say you have this cute eMac lying in your room. Make sure the power cable’s properly plugged on.
Locate this switch on the bottom right side of your eMac

A gentle touch would run it.

The power led with be noticed in front of it.
The new iMac G5
You have this babe?

Reached out at the back-left side of the monitor.
A touch would enabled it to run.

The ancient
Or you have the ancient machine? The POWER PC!

The power black dot is the power switch

How to cook maggi mee?

Maggi Mee is one of the famous local instant noodle in Malaysia, so, when you are here, it’s so infamous that you can even order it by it’s name, say, “one Maggi” and the waiter would know.

It has different flavours, which this is one of it, Curry Flavour it says.
You can easily prepare it using any metal container. Of course, make sure it’s heat resistant. Avoid using plastic, you’ll melt it with the noodle before even finish cooking it. You need not to cook it with a lot of water.
Fire it on!

It’s on fire. Let’s wait until the water’s boiled.
While waiting, inside the packaging you’ll find yourself, a pack of seasoning.
Open the package and pour the seasoning inside.
Stir and wait until it’s boil.

Place in the noodle.



As what the packaging says, it’s a 2-minute noodle. But from what I can see, it’s really up to your preference how ‘soft’ you want the noodle to be, but please make sure not to cook it for too long else you’ll ending up eating flour.

It’s boiled.

Safety first. Make sure the fire’s off


How to fill petrol for car?

It might be overlooked, that the safety precaution during filling up petrol for your car. Here’s a basic walkthrough how you’ll use the pump. I still remember back in the old day of the famous ol’ “Ambil Tarik Tolak Ad” (forgot the actual phrase, but is’ funny to know that filling petrol is like reading maths)

Note : Please make sure if your car is suitable for Unleaded/leaded petrol or Diesel! Do not fill with it with the wrong petrol!

Once you parked your car beside the pump, to avoid embarassing yourself, remember to open your car’s gas tank’s door.
Of course, at certain classical petrol station, you’ll get to choose leaded and unleaded fuels. Which almost every car now uses unleaded fuel. Choose the right one.
Once you made the correct amount of payment, there’ll be indication from the LCD screen of the pump that you can start filling up.
It’s open

Remove the cover.

There’s no complication in this process, just take the pump and tuck it in. Make sure it’s in, else you’ll have petrol leaking/sprinkling out.
Just make sure

You can choose to hold on the trigger.

Or automate the process, notice how the white little metal that is being locked/held?
dum dum dum

As usual, good manner teaches us to put back things in order when we’re done.

Where is the backup lane for Touch’N’Go?

This article is applicable to those who is using the federal highway, which is this toll located at Jalan Batu Tiga.

Pay close attention to this 3 lane dedicated to Touch’N’Go The one on the most left will occasionally changed to a normal lane when there is a heavy traffic or during peak hours.
If you are heading to Klang towards this toll, here’s an example how these 3 Touch’N’Go lane will have one of it’s lane being made to a normal lane during peak hours. Notice the white overhead board.

How To Shut Up Your Personal Computer

Fig. 1

Fig. 1

Fig. 1

Fig. 2



1. Get the ‘Volume Control’ window by double-clicking the ‘Volume Control icon (Fig. 2) in the ‘System Tray‘ (Fig. 2).

2. You should see a window that looks disturbingly similar to the picture above (Fig. 1).

3. Double click the ‘Mute All‘ tick box as highlighted by the blue rectangle.

4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 if your Personal Computer won’t shut up.

How to use a condom?

Of course, it has been a culture that no one really dares to talk about learning these things publicly or positively, more or less like for you to learn it through see-and-poke trials. But of course, being a curious person in nature, you might end up not knowing if the trials and errors you're doing is on the right track.
Author's note : No matter how it comes to, a walkthrough is still a walkthrough, and being yourself, knowing what you are doing is important.

A typical pack of condom would look like this. So do not worry if it looks different from what you usually see in oversea's movies. A normal pack would gives you 3 of this thing and with a manual/instruction with it. There are different variation that you can see from shops, and it's available worldwide on your beloved convenience store (eg. 7 Eleven).

condom (3).JPG
The rule of thumb : Check the expiry date first!

Hold it and tear it open.
It won't break like plastic, no worries.

Tada! A normal typical condom. Please be noted it has lubricants and a funny weird smell on it.

Make sure you have the private part (penis) erected before putting condom onto it, else you'll have pretty difficult time on it.

condom (1).JPGcondom (2).JPG
Have the condom's tip facing upward (outside/opposite) of the private part before inserting it in.
Again, the representational subject, and the closest, would be this at this angle and shot. Just make sure it's fit and you are in a comfortable position.

condom (5).JPG
And when you have ejaculated, make sure you hold the condom properly and remove it from the tip. Wrap the remains properly before disposing it. And, no, please do not throw it inside the hole of the toilet, you'll create a blockage in the water system. If you afraid and doesn't want people to notice you're using it. Wrap it with papers/tissues.

How do you start your car?

You need, your car’s key for this operation. Obviously. Applicable to most(old)/some(newer car) of the Automatic transmission car.
You’re right in front of your car’s steering. And you want to ignite your car and have the engine running.
Make sure you car’s gearbox in on the N (Neutral) position, you don’t want to end up start your car and have it banging on other object before you knowing it.

Have your car’s key ready.
Locate where you can insert your car’s key to start the engine, normally would be located on the right side of your car’s steering.
By slowly turning your key CLOCKWISE, you’ll hear some sound indicating it is starting up.
On the previous picture, that was on the ACC state, by turning your key towards the START state, keep it on that state until you have your engine running/started and release it. DONOT HOLD YOUR KEY ON THE START’s state for a long time! You might end up damaging your car’s engine for it.
You have your engine running, and you’re ready for cruisin’

How to use your car’s seatbelt

Out of the blue one might question on the importance of a car’s seatbelt. But have you ever wondered that one of the oldest invention would be this one? And I’m not sure that it has evolve that much compared to…let’s say iMac.
It’s very easy to locate your car’s seatbelt anywhere in your car.

Upon reaching it, inspect if the belt if working fine and doesn’t stuck when pulled.
If you’re on the driver’s seat in Malaysia (right side of the car), your belt will be pulled from right side of your body across to your left and you will see this red colour “PRESS” thing.
Push it in, no cow force needed. You’re done! And safe! (varies on style of driving :P)

And if you want to free yourself from the lock, push your finger down on the PRESS button?

How to discharge yourself from static?

If you’re unsure about what it is, you may do up a short reading at here. Most of us always worried that when we are handling our precious computer or hardware, that it died before we even know it how it happened. And it died before our hand because of static that passed through severe voltage to the semiconductor’s object/chip

Remember that you sometime have problems with touching shiny metal material, where you get a short eletrical shock from it? Of course, the guide below is still a guideline on how you can prevent you from damaging your hardware. It’s from my understanding, and i’m not liable if you damage your hardware. Don’t ask me lol. 😛 Of course, if you’re able to afford, you can purchase any anti-static strap (examples) from any hardware/electrical store, available wordwide.
AVOID handling your hardware straightaway, it’s best you do precautious measure first! To discharge yourself from statics.
Ensuring yourself are on the ground, it’s best that you can straight away touch any of the unpainted area of your PC’s casing, or if you can’t find any, just find any other metal material that connects to the ground as well. Touch it for a few time.
Not a hard process eh

Touch touch touch

You’re ready to go.

Interested to know a little more about static? Some real life scenario and detailed explaination are provided :