How to go to Low Yat Plaza?

I’d think this article would be pretty helpful for foreigner or any outstation friend that wondered how they can reach the ever-famous LowYat Plaza by driving. And of course, it’s partly applicable to those who wants to walk or take bus to there. And do be reminded, due to the ‘dynamic’ changing nature of our country’s highway infrastructure, i’m not sure if this article is still valid after 3-5 years from now *grins*

But of course, i’d hope that this will be helpful to you, if you like it, drop me a comment or e-mail. 😀 And seriously, it’s really easy to get there, if you know how. And this article is applicable for those who uses the Federal Highway, from Klang, Shah Alam, P.Jaya, Subang Jaya or any other place that connects to this highway.
You can of course have different direction to go to this famous place, the hardware heaven by most of those geeks in Malaysia.
And it remained very accesible, most commonly through our country’s FEDERAL HIGHWAY, and this is Shah Alam, Selangor. Just move/drive towards the federal highway.
Towards the front you’ll reach this toll booth where you have to pay R.M. 1.10 (as of 5th March 2006, will increase eventually). And this place is known as the Batu Tiga Toll to most of the locals here.
Driving towards the toll, you’ll reach the ever famous most jammed packed road during the weekdays/working days. Keep your cars forward, no need to switch any lane, it’s really that simple.

Moving toward after that symbilic overhead bridge (refer to previous picture above), you’ll reach another overhead bridge, which has a building that you can recognize, the Hilton PJ Hotel. Of course, drive straight.
As usual, by driving forward you will reach the intersection that separates the Selangor state and the Kuala Lumpur. And there’s few classic cannon there.

Here you’re halfway there, and on your right side of your driver’s seat, you’ll notice our beloved national TV Station headquarter, the Angkasapuri. And you’re also near the somewhat-biggest-shopping mall in Malaysia. Midvalley Megamall.
Make sure you didn’t make any turn at this point, or else you’ll end up inside Megamall, just keep your driving cool, go on forward.
After the Midvalley’s Megamall, you will reach to another point where it’s the Volvo showroom. And the ever changing MNG’s billboard. Pretty.
Still, you’ll be driving forward without making any turn to any junction.

Towards the end of the Federak Highway, you’ll be presented by a roundabout, which is usually congested, so if you’re bound to stuck in this situation, do not panic, and turn to your right, not left.
And at the roundabout,  you’ll see the signboard indicating the direction to ‘Stadium Merdeka’, and of course, this is also the direction to the ever famous ‘Petaling Street / Malaysia’s Chinatown’. Turn towards there.
Going upward you’ll reach this place. Keep your car on the lane, do not make any turn yet.
Instead of turning to the left (which brings you to the Petaling Street, here and next I’ll provide you the best tip to avoid traffic jam.
Turn left, and you’ll drive towards the ever old Stadium Merdeka (A lot of concert are being held here, known more as the Independence Stadium).
Drive forward, no need to turn left.

At the junction, make a right turn.
Here you are, the traffic light, and on your right side you see the Pudu Jail and just right in your front right side, you’ll see the ever famous as well, the TIMES SQUARE.

Crossing the traffic light, and drive straight, you’ll see this.
Go slow and make a slow left turn. And yes, it’s a pretty hidden place if you didn’t notice it correctly.
See the building on the left side? With a red colour painted wall? (Notice on the right side, it’s a very old but yet, popular shopping mall where you can grasp on a lot of cool fashion, cloths, and almost everything at an affordable price, known as Sungei Wang)
Oh god, you are almost near the heaven of all.

Drive slowly towards the road, you’ll find the place where you can park your car
And of course, just a friendly reminder, as you know it’s the most popular for people to hang out for hardware, and most of the time, you’ll find yourself in a position that you will swear and curse a lot, because of difficulty in finding a normal parking. God bless you.
There you go.


0 thoughts on “How to go to Low Yat Plaza?

  1. ManMeng Post author

    Regards there bhanie,

    Actually its pretty near to walk (i think) to lowyat from puduraya. Or you can choose to :

    1. Walk down to Masjid Jamek’s or Central Market’s LRT station, and take the train till….i also dont know…the only thing i know that MONORAIL will reach in front of Sungai Wang/Jalan Imbi…not lrt…
    2. Watch out for any bus that will stop at KLCC, they will most probably stop by in front of Sungai Wang which you can then walk to Lowyat, very near.


  2. ManMeng Post author

    Regards there,

    Yes definitely, but make sure for not to confuse you, drive straight across Pudu Jail on your left side and right passing the traffic light that has the SEED/PDI billboard (you will notice the Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka) right in front of you.

    It will then lead you to the Federal Highway.


  3. ManMeng Post author

    Regards there iqbal,

    You can actually take the Monorail and stop at Bukit Bintang station (right in front of Sg. Wang station) and walk inside the towards its end, you will reach Lowyat Plaza.