How to use the car’s handbrake/e-brake

Here is a simple guide to help you to better understand on how to use your car’s handbrake (e-brake : emergency brake).

For most of the common car, when parked, the handbrake are usually pulled to ensure safety that your car doesn’t rolls out of it’s way by itself. And notice the light that lit on the dashboard, a classic example on how to check if your handbrake is active/unfreed.

A typical handbrake/e-brake that might look at your car, located right in between the driver and passenger’s seat. You can have access to it anytime.
Note that there is a button for you to hold down to use the handbrake.
With the button pressed firmly, kindly push the handbrake down and release the button.

The light’s are not lit anymore indicating that you can ready to drive your car now.

18 thoughts on “How to use the car’s handbrake/e-brake

  1. ManMeng Post author

    er…I dont know lol, i haven’t got any chancew to drive any other car that is new, as in came out in recent years. So your camry uses what kind of brake?

  2. Partha

    How to use an hand brake,to what level should i pull the hand brake lever.

    Should i pull the lever to the maximum

  3. ManMeng Post author

    Hi there Partha,

    It is not necessary to pull the handbrake to the maximum level, because in most instance, as long the car is stationary from moving around, it is sufficient.


  4. nana

    do we still have to pull the handbrake for auto car???as far as i noe as long as we put the gear to P we dont have to pull the handbrake.Am i right?

  5. ManMeng Post author

    Regards there nana,

    I would strongly recommend you to pull over the handbrake regardless of auto or manual transmission. This is because there is no guarantee the car won’t slide down if it’s parked on a slope or on a road. And to avoid any possible damage to your car gearbox, always remember to use the handbrake also.


  6. Paramananda Chabungbam

    Got a new i10 last month. On the first day of my car, I forgot to release handbrake (it was in half pulled mode) and drove down 4-5 km. Smelly dark smoke came out from engine bonnet, I got scared but couldn’t take left to park as the traffic congestion was there (lines of cars).

    I called Hyuindai service, one service man came and explained some driving tips. He guided me till their service centre, it was observed that 40-50% of clutch gone 🙁

  7. Meku

    I got a used manual car recently but I discovered that when the hand brake is pulled car rolls if on a slope even as the brake sign shows on the dash board.
    Please what can cause this an how do I correct it. The foot brake is okay.

  8. Roger

    When using the hand brake do I press the knob in when applying the hand brake, or just use the knob for releasing the brake

  9. matt

    surely you put hanbrake on when you stop and park up every time!!! do not ask me about the clutch control though bit confusing i reckon you should drive a diesel car and maybe use foot brake at junctions and find the bite of the clutch first before carrying on.(being in first gear should you stop)with a diesel you can get away with a little more.

  10. matt

    sorry should say i think you only press knob when putting hadbrake down pulling it up without knob pressed in is okay i think (depends on if your particular car allows this i suppose you can only try) but definately knob in when taking handbrake off.

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